The competitive landscape has changed.

MROs and operators need innovative solutions.

Peloton Aerospace
is showing
the way.

There are new ways to compete and win.

The aerospace supply chain has changed in fundamental ways. MROs and operators competing in today’s dynamic landscape must secure lower costs and faster turnaround times.

Peloton Aerospace combines game-changing fabrication programs and innovative supply chain solutions to provide supply certainty and break the grip of OEM and PMA vendors.

The supply chain, unchained

Peloton Aerospace combines top-tier manufacturers and suppliers, reliable distribution, and best-in-class services to lower costs, ensure supply certainty, and change the nature of competition.

Fabrication as a Service

Peloton Aerospace simplifies complex fabrication programs, allowing MROs and operators to break away from reliance on the large OEMs and PMAs that have throttled supply and increased costs.

Who we are

Our leadership team has unique perspectives on the aviation industry to respond to the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Solution partners for the aviation supply chain