Peloton Aerospace has developed an alternative.

The aviation supply chain is consolidating in real time. Large distributors are increasing their dominance, while OEMs are flexing their muscle through vertical integration. The challenge for other players in this sector: recalibrate or be left behind.

Peloton Aerospace has worked hard to build an alternative. Our distribution services provide customers with the advantage of scale economies while preserving the things that truly enable innovation—pricing stability, rapid replenishment, advanced analytics, best-in-class supply chain solutions, and, most importantly, customer service.

Through the consolidation of multiple distributors to achieve scale and heavy investments in new technologies, Peloton Aerospace is changing the game in ways that let our customers compete and win in new ways. Even more valuable, the process creates certainty around availability of parts delivered on site.

If you are a small to mid-size distributor who would like to become part of the Peloton Aerospace family, please contact us.

To learn more, visit our core distribution company, Greer Aero.

The market is consolidating, and MROs and operators need new tools to create a true competitive advantage.